Back from Vacation? Don’t Waste a Precious Clear Mind

clear thinking

If you are back from vacation, in between jobs, or hammering away at the responsibility of four roles at once, then you probably need validation to turn off your mobile, email and social media tools from time-to-time.

“Seeing the big picture, the connections between information, is also more likely to activate the right hemisphere, which appears important for insight.

This research points to the idea of valuing a fresh mind more than we tend to, as this is the time we are more likely to be able to solve tough problems. Instead of valuing a quiet mind, we tend to automatically fill it up with emails or every day challenges, and waste a precious commodity.”

If you have no time to read this article then here is a ten second summary: 1) A rested mind isn’t stuck in the wrong answers. 2) A quiet mind notices subtle signals. 3) A happy mind is an open mind.

Source-train: My Facebook Home/Find Your Yang/99Percent/”Your Brain at Work” by David Rock.

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One response to “Back from Vacation? Don’t Waste a Precious Clear Mind

  1. Bliss J

    Well, this certainly piqued my interest as I’m fresh back from holiday!

    “Don’t waste precious clear mind”…hmmm, it seems a holiday is more like a lobotomy in my case, as my mind seems more a quagmire of mush .

    Along with the regular “what day is it?” holiday mentality, I’ve found myself forgetting to pay bills, leaving my mobile phone at home (on more than one occasion), absently walking past the dry-cleaners when there’s two parcels waiting for me and returning from the supermarket with soap instead of toilet paper!

    It appers that a certain level of my work “routine” has in fact conditioned me to function as an astutue human being. Are my two jobs, radio show and blogs now an essential part of me subsisting as a “regular schmo” in the real world? Will I ever be able to relax, take time out, switch off and have a holiday ever again – without my sensibilities and entire life falling apart in the process?

    The concept of predictable time off is an interesting one and I may just run a test here at work myself. (hehe)

    By using the Harvard Business School hypothesis for my next proposed leave in November, I should be able to ask for 3 months off for the reasons of “improved productivity”.

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll let you know how I go…

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