The lowdown on apps [infographic]

Online MBA created an interesting infographic that explores how these millions of tiny programs filter our world, and why there are so many of them being developed.

Of interest to me:

APPLE DENIED: 37,466 apps are no longer available for download by Apple.

PUBLISHERS: 42,403 publishers of apps (averaging 4 apps per publisher).


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2 responses to “The lowdown on apps [infographic]

  1. Interesting stuff these apps. Felix as working on blackberry apps for a while and there is certainly lots of potential being realised by different companies.

    I’ve been bloggin more and more and now uss google feedreader. Do you have a feed read button some where on the site? or…

    Hope all is good.

    Check out a friends rad song and clip if you get a sec:
    they’ve got quite a bit of hype going already and are working hard to push ths project idea idea.

  2. miteshsolanki

    there was a feed button that i set it up but its disappeared!
    nice track. cool clip.

    your new website looks much better now. let’s catch up sometime..

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