Have you lost that black feeling?

How do you feel about black?

Please forgive me for the lack of posts on my blog – looks like the last one was august 2010. Reason being I have been booked solid since mid last year with helping half a dozen agencies with most of their accounts. It’s been so much fun!

Finally, today is when two rare and famous things happen at the same time: 1) I don’t need to be anywhere for the entire day, and; 2) I am well rested and not a comatose wreck from said activities (insert pathetic request for sympathy).

Therefore, the first thing I had wanted to do on this very cool day was to apologise for not posting anything on this blog for ages- and so began the search on Google Images using the term ‘busy’.

First picture I found was of a pair sneakers (‘Nike Busy P Air Force’) – inscribed on the side “ISN’T ALL THIS BLACK BORING?”.

It made me stop and think about a tonne of things, including how much black is in my day to day (think: car, shoes, socks, jeans, shirts, eye and hair colour, my macbook, wallet, phone, thoughts, etc) and this got be curious. I want to know what it means for you.

What does the colour black mean for you?

Who owns the colour black?

How do you feel about the colour black?

Describe what happens when you see the colour black on someone (or as the colour of a car)?

I would love to read a story about you and the colour black.


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4 responses to “Have you lost that black feeling?

  1. i have so much black in my wardrobe and it doesnt suit me. i use it to hide things in – like excess, and notimetogotothegym, that kind of stuff.
    50% of my shoes are black – hiding dontlikemyfeet, wishtheywoulddisappearbutcouldistillwalk.
    My briefcases and handbags are black – this time not hiding – but saying iknowwhatiamtalkingabout, and dontmesswithme.
    AND i think we are entering a new era of colour, of expresssiveness, of colourful music and sound, visuals fashion and art.

    2009 triple j hottest 100 was 99 boy bands – heavy metal, punk, music in black.
    2010 moved on so much to the pastel colours of Angus and Julia Stone at number 1.
    We are moving into a coulourful era. From black to aquamarine.

  2. miteshsolanki

    thank you Janine! nice descriptions of how you feel toward black items in your day to day. very insightful! and i didn’t know that about triple j. do you add colour to existing black pieces of clothing, or are you trying to abolish of it completely?

  3. Brenda Thompson

    when i see someone wearing black, I think to myself, “they have no creativity” but this mostly pertains to women. I don’t think black is sexy. I don’t think is “classy” or “sophisticated.” Yeah, of course everyone is bound to have some black in their wardrobe, but if it’s ALL someone wears…you know they have a problem =D There are many other beautiful colors out there…

    There is this shirt that lots of guys wear…it’s a long sleeved black button down shirt with white pin-stripes. It makes me think of some random creeper at a bar. I don’t know why. My friend thinks it’s because it’s such a common shirt that there are always a few men who are bound to be wearing it….and since a lot of guys at bars are creeps, well, that’s where my association comes from.

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