Levi’s Innovation Intercepts Cycle Culture

How to cycle in your favourite denim?

G’damn it I’m so impressed with Levi’s that I would consider breaking up with the trashy Swede (Dr Denin) or at the very least have an affair with Levi’s.

The weird thing about this is not that I consider my relationships with brands as though I am dating them (or having an affair), it is more weird that I am not in the Levi’s bulls eye target (a cycle-freak) for this type of innovation and yet I am compelled to want Levi’s new commuter range.

Dating analogy aside, I confess I am attracted to Levi’s now because they recognised their problem and dug deep to find and work with experts who helped with this innovation. Moreover (and overall) I truly love how this innovation promotes the sustainable-and-culturally-rich-lifestyle of cycling, which I believe should be adopted en masse globally.

Levi’s developed a proprietary nanopsphere treatment for their denim in the Commuter Line. This keeps them stain-free and you’ll have to work extra hard to make them smell. What this means is more wears and less washes. They also chose a lighter-weight fabric with a special weave to give it a little stretch.

A Prolly roundtable discussion with Levi’s on their cycling line: “The jeans also include a zipper stash pocket, an integrated U-lock holster, 3M lining on the cuff, a gusseted crotch and a higher-cut back. The jacket has back vents, 3 jersey pockets, a scooped tail, and reinforced accordion sleeves. Let’s just say they covered all the bases and while denim might not be a traditional material for cycling-related apparel, these jackets are a huge improvement over riding in the standard jackets.”

My SourceTrain: My Twitter Stream via @HighSnobiety and images and content ProllyIsNotProbably.

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