My Story

In 140 characters (written in twitter person)

Entrepreneurial strategic planner (research, innovation, youth, arts). Thinker. Doer. Plays ticktacktoe with words. Engaging and measurable.

In Short (written in the third person)

Mitesh is a traditional senior planner with a background in research, business strategy and branding. He is creative, entrepreneurial and specialises in innovation, social responsibility, as well as youth and arts culture. He has over eleven years experience in Sydney and Melbourne working both agency and client side on a diverse range of brands and projects from blue chip to budding start-ups.

As a researcher, Mitesh co-founded the OzEmail Research Centre where he delivered new modelling around the decisional process for businesses surviving in the new economy. As a strategic planner in ad-land he has partnered with over twenty agencies to contribute toward more than fifty successful accounts.

Mitesh currently runs his business as a consultant on the agency side.

In-Depth (written in the first person)

I am a planner with a background in brand, business strategy and research. I am a creative entrepreneurial marketer and specialise with innovation, digital, social responsibility, as well as youth and arts culture. I have over eleven years of experience in Sydney and Melbourne. During this time, I have worked both agency and client side on a diverse range of brands and projects from blue chip through to budding start-ups.

On client side I built a foundation for my career with business strategy and research. I co-founded the OzEmail Research Centre where I delivered new modelling around the decisional process for businesses surviving in the new economy. We used a combination of market research, data mining, profiling, primary and secondary research to provide regular market and business intelligence to the senior executive team and parent company. Our service minimised inevitable risks to the business, maximised profitability, encouraged initiative, lateral thinking and; provided a starting point when decision making was exercised. During my tenure on the client side I developed and managed research and planning teams for a total of six years (1998 to 2006) with telcos and online media companies OzEmail and BigPond (ref: Co-Founder of OzEmail Research Centre , acknowledged by ABS and MRSA; and a couple of years later as a consultant to BigPond for similar services).

I moved from client side to agency to run my business as a planner, which has (in the past five years; from 2006 to 2011) partnered with 20+ agencies and contributed toward 50+ successful accounts (and counting) – agencies include (not limited to): How To Impact, Jack Watts CurrieMoon Communications, Jack Morton (Sydney)Maxus Media, Publicis Digital, Mercer Bell, Ogilvy (Sydney), The Brand Shop, The Creative DepartmentIris (Singapore), Future Agency, Premium Media, Third Drawer Down, The One Centre, Jack Bedwani, Uno PR, and Oxygen Marketing.

The Handpicked Wines Moscato Piccolo project is a favourite and often referenced. I planned and executed the strategy and this means I built a team from scratch and put to market, from strategy to concept to sales distribution, a fully imported alcohol product on the Australian market. The Handpicked Wines Moscato Piccolo was the first Moscato 200ml bottle on the Australian Market (first DOC wine to export from Italy with a screw cap). The result: It was successful enough for the client to order double the following year. This was groundbreaking for two key reasons:

1) It cost 9 months of my life and I earned less than a car park attendant.
I directed the ‘thinking’ part and the ‘doing’ part on the same job.

In-depth in reverse chronological order (written in the first person)

Earlier this year in 2011, I was curious to experiment with ‘talent mobility’ (PWC talk about it here The Future of Work and Talent Mobility) and so far I have worked as a strategic planner with half a dozen agencies (listed above) on Australian Chamber Orchestra, Westfield Sydney, HTC, global Luxxotica Group accounts, Telstra, Caltex, and a few others that I am legally obliged to not mention. Most of the time I am an innovation consultant with How To Impact where I work on Lion, Canon, Kellogg’s.

Last year (2010) as a planner, digital strategist, creative strategist, and pseudo-media-guy, I worked on HTC, Vodafone, Luxottica (Vogue Eyewear and Sunglass Hut), Telstra ARN, Toyota, LG, PayPal, Suzuki, Chrysler, GSK, Toshiba, Telstra Country Wide, Tesltra’s Surf Life Saving Sponsorship, NineMSN, Ford – Fiesta, Qantas, Toyota – Rukus, Budget – Rent A Car, Safcol Australia, Australian Pork, Kimberly-Clark UbK, and Reckitt Benckiser – Clearasil.

Previous to 2010, I managed and optimised websites for RFG, Donut King, and Pernod Ricard – Wild Turkey, and delivered digital promo devices for Guinness, Fairfax Media and Video Ezy. I also supplied ‘global brand research’ and ‘digital trend forecasting’ to The One Centre. Oh yeah, and I worked on the brand and identity strategy for online travel services company (Restless World).

I like to support Australian electronic music. In the early 90’s I co-founded a series events: under 18 years events during school holidays; a cluster of events called House ‘N Around; and a third series of events branded as Green & Jazzy, which attained cult status and helped to emerge Australia’s leading electronic dee jays and electronic music producers – for example Goodwill, Kid Kenobi, Q45 and Ritual.

My Ongoing Values

My ongoing values are to: Help younger people to be seen and heard; Create a fair value exchange; Share things worth knowing; Create a human touch between brands and consumers; Encourage experiments; Make authentic connections; Mix new and old ideas; Expire thought that causes harm, and; Make sure there is always some thing to laugh about.


– Innovation and Capability (How To Impact, Australia, 2011)
– Improvisation and Theatresports (Impro Corp, Australia, 2011)
– Advanced Strategic Planning (AFA Adschool, Sydney, 2009)
– MBA Postgraduate Studies (Business Marketing, UTS, Sydney, 2002)
– Marketing Management Grad. Dip. (Nth Syd. TAFE, 1994 to 1998)

3 responses to “My Story

  1. Jeziah

    Hi Mitesh,

    I am a visual creative ready to go and interested in working with you. Feel free to email or call me on 0431 684 881 to discuss.



  2. Hi Mitesh

    Can you please give me an email I can contact you on in regards to an upcoming project I am working on


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