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MadMan Old School 3D Goggles [Desktop GWP]

Playing around with a magazine and an iPhone application

Three complementary copies of Desktop magazine arrived on my desk this morning and I thought the pair of old school cardboard 3D glasses (courtesy of MadMan Entertainment) was an interesting GWP (Gift With Purchase) idea. So instead of spilling coffee all over them I decided to fool around and take a photo for the first time using the Tiltshift iPhone application.

The above photo was the 3rd shot that I took [using the appl] and I thought adjustments made with the control tools (in the image on the right) were fairly easy to play with. However this may be a little adventurous for some people. Basically, the tiltshift application allowed me to focus on the MadMan logo and also blur everything else out in an interesting way.

Overall it was semi-fun. So knock your self out with it.

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