What some people have said about me:


Philip Herborn, Innovation Director @Moon Communications Group, says:

“Mitesh is an enthusiastic and personable strategic planner. He hit the ground running at Moon working across the majority of our key accounts providing strategic (especially digital) guidance to multiple projects.

He’s trust worthy and capable of working autonomously or as part of large project or pitch teams and has a deep sense of responsibility and accountability.

He possesses a refreshing curiosity for the work that we do and I admire the fact that he is always trying to learn more while others accept the status quo.”


Anna Cicognani, GM Operations, OzEmail, says:

“Mitesh is a fantastic guy to work with, always willing to help and do anything that is necessary to succeed. During the time at OzEmail, Mitesh became a great analyst and his acumen showed through various challenges that the ISP came across. A definite re-hire for me.”

Alf Conlon, UX Director @Moon Communications Group, says:

“Mitesh is a rare beast – he’s great at both grasping the bigger picture and drilling into the key details to make an idea fly. He’s got awesome data knowledge skills and a real ability to find winning solutions to curly problems from well outside the box.

First thing you’ll notice about Mitesh is his sense of style. What you’ll remember is his good nature, generous spirit and razor sharp insights. I look forward to the next time we work together.”


David Bathur

David Bathur, Strategy Director, @-ed, says:

“Mitesh is both as cool and clever as a fox that races motorbikes professionally. We worked together many times, and his style of thinking has always been characterised by a kind of creative sleekness.

Particularly good at youth brand planning, he is the sort of bloke you want to help punch out those top-shelf ideas that you reserve for an expensive class of person. Work with him: you won’t regret it.”


Peter Bray, National VP @AIMIA, and Director @CHOICE, says:

“Mitesh is an enthusiastic, smart digital thinker. His main strength is his ability to look for a different approach to common communications solutions. If I were to place him on the Gartner curve, it would be on the early adopter side.

If you need an ideas guy to back up a position with solid research, Mitesh is your guy. One of the nice guys in the industry as well.”


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